At the end of each heating season, as well as having your chimney swept, your stove should undergo an annual service. This will include stripping, inspecting and cleaning the appliance. This is best to be carried out for you by a HETAS registered company like ourselves.

A brief description of what is involved in a stove service…

  • All internal parts are removed – baffle, firebricks, grate and ashpan.
  • Internal surfaces are cleaned using a wire brush and scraper as required.
  • Stove is then thoroughly vacuumed removing all traces of ash.
  • Firebricks are cleaned with a soft brush. Bricks are inspected for damage, although some surface wear and tear will occur with use, damaged or broken bricks will be replaced.
  • Glass is then removed from the door for cleaning. If glass is damaged or has suffered permanent staining we offer a glass cutting service to replace any size stove glass.
  • Worn rope seals are removed and disgarded. Old adhesive is removed using wire brush, new thermic seal adhesive is applied and new rope seal fitted.
  • Any mechanisms on the stove that have become stiff are lubricated/adjusted.
  • Also to refresh the exterior look of your stove or fire, heat-resistant aerosol paint or colloidal black cleaner is available for most painted finishes. Enamelled surfaces are cleaned with glass cleaner using a soft cloth.